Each competition will have 3 jurors

The jurors will change with each monthly competition. To keep things as fair as possible, all judging of artwork will be done anonymously. Due to the potential for juror tampering, our jurors are being kept secret until the entry period closes and judging is done. The names of the jurors with full profiles will be posted along with the winners.

Our Jurors are as unique as you!

Juried art shows are often unilateral, and it is our goal to avoid that. What one person likes isn't always the same as another, that is why we will choose our jurors creatively. One Juror may be a waitress, the other may hold a doctorate in Fine Arts, the third a veterinarian perhaps. This is meant to result in varying and exciting outcomes. No single contest can be predicted, and no level of talent at a loss.

They have a sharp eye.

Though our judges will be unique, we assure you that they will all have one thing in common - their love of art! These will be people who truely care about the advancement and preservation of the craft in all things. Imagination is a precious thing, and Renoartio hopes to encompass that with the art we gather here.